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Core Values

We are committed to providing the highest quality of professional services to our clients.  We view the privilege of representing clients as on opportunity to provide professional value and build lasting relationships.

Our zealous and aggressive representation does not compromise our strict adherence to integrity and the highest professional and ethical ideals.

We value innovation, hard work, sharpness and teamwork. We thrive on collaboration, openness and communication. Our firm is built on integrity and honesty with each other, and in our work for our clients.

Loyalty, to our clients, to the firm, and to each other is one of our core values.

We are accountable for our actions to our clients, our communities and to each other. We hold each other accountable and are willing to express that to our co-workers.

We seek to improve every day and build a stronger firm and community along the way, as we develop as professionals and members of society.  We are not afraid to challenge each other or be challenged by others.

We are competitive, we strive for competitive greatness, we also follow the rules.

We are entrepreneurial and maintain flexibility to apply new methods and ways of doing things, if they may benefit the firm and our clients.

To maintain this culture and attain these values, we are dedicated to providing our professionals the tools they need to succeed and an environment conducive to success.

We are committed to maintaining a firm culture consistent with our values and managing the firm in a competent and effective manner in which will permit us to do so for years to come.