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Our Commitment to Our Clients

Fred Van Remortel Attorney at LawService

We are committed to quality, effective and efficient service to each and every client with whom we are privileged to work.  We serve all clients keeping your objectives paramount and applying our knowledge, skill, creativity and care.

Clear Expectations

At the beginning of each engagement, we will familiarize ourselves with the relevant facts of the matter, and will provide you with realistic expectations in connection with your objectives, scope of engagement, timeline, staffing, budget and other resources.

Our Dedicated Teams

We will provide you with a team comprised of attorneys and staff appropriate to handle your matter. The team will be familiar with your matter and your expectations. We will be prepared and plan for our meetings with you and have answers for you.


We will keep you updated on your matters including meeting expectations, obstacles, and anticipated results. We will confirm expectations and commitments to you in writing. We will meet with you at least once annually at no charge to discuss our relationship. We will use your feed back to continually improve our work and service. We will take your calls and when the person you call is not available, someone offer the assistance that we are able to provide. Calls and emails will be timely returned, and we will make ourselves available to meet with you.


We will provide value in the work we provide and how and we charge and are compensated for that work.